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The cognitive unconscious seems related to the dynamic unconscious—but it’s not the whole story ---- (commentary on "The Neurobiology of the Dynamic Unconscious," target article by Heather Berlin)
Affective neuroscientific and neuropsychoanalytic approaches to two intractable psychiatric problems: Why depression feels so bad and what addicts really want
Environmental enrichment, administered after establishment of cocaine self-administration, reduces lever pressing in extinction and during a cocaine context renewal test
The effects of VTA NMDA receptor antagonism on reward-related learning and associated c-fos expression in forebrain
How conditioned stimuli acquire the ability to activate VTA dopamine cells: A proposed neurobiological component of reward-related learning
NMDA receptor antagonism in the ventral tegmental area impairs acquisition of reward-related learning
Separation, motivation and depression: neonatal isolation reduces food-rewarded operant responding in rats
Towards a neurobiologically based unified theory of aggression
Review of Affective Neuroscience (Panksepp 1998)